University Clinical Health Assures Same Week Rheumatology Appointments

Posted on June 14, 2018

MEMPHIS,TN, June 6, 2018 – University Clinical Health (UCH), the only independent and physician-led faculty clinical practice plan of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, announced today a commitment to providing rapid accessibility  – appointments within a week or less of a request – at two convenient UT Rheumatology locations in the Memphis area. In addition to these physical locations, UT Rheumatology also offers telehealth services to the Tipton County communities through their partnership with UT Family Medicine. In an area where average wait times for rheumatology appointments edge close to six months, UCH through their UT Rheumatology service line has asserted their commitment to improving that statistic and providing rapid access to care for patients in need throughout the Mid-South.

UT Rheumatology is made up of Vaishnavi Pulusani, MD who served as Chief Rheumatology resident during her tenure at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee, and currently serves as an assistant professor, and Bradley Postlethwaite, MD who also serves as an assistant professor at the medical university. Both physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

“UT Rheumatology specializes in complex autoimmune diseases including arthritis and lupus and a wide spectrum of Rheumatic conditions that result in joint pain, bone pain, musculoskeletal disorders, organ system dysfunction and other unique symptoms,” said Miller Vance, Director of Operations for UT Rheumatology.

“Patients have often been suffering for months if not years by the time they are referred to a rheumatologist, and we have made it a priority to get them in the door as soon as possible. By diagnosing and treating in the same office, we hope to make their care more accessible and seamless. Medical treatment for a rheumatic condition already requires a good deal of patience because it may take time for the body to heal once a diagnosis has been discovered and therapy has begun. However, one thing a patient should not have to do is wait for is an appointment with a doctor, and we guarantee that they won’t at UT Rheumatology.”

UT Rheumatology has physical offices in East Memphis at 6401 Poplar Avenue, Suite 190 and in the Medical District downtown at 930 Madison Avenue, Suite 801. Our rheumatologists also offer services to patients in the Tipton County area at 1999 Hwy 51 South, Suite A in Covington, Tennessee via telehealth technology. Along with physician services, UT Rheumatology provides easy coordination of imaging, labs, infusion therapy and pharmacy management.

All major insurance plans are accepted, including new Medicare and Medicaid.

To make an appointment please call 901.866.8700 or for more information, visit