University Clinical Health Launches

Posted on January 15, 2016

1/13/15 – Today, University Clinical Health launches as a new, financially strong organization with a long-term commitment to the Memphis medical scene. University Clinical Health has more than 100 renowned physicians practicing medicine in 13 different disciplines. The organization’s physicians serve on the faculty at the University Of Tennessee College Of Medicine, providing them with access to cutting-edge medical research and the latest medical treatments, and providing their patients with the best and most current care available.

University Clinical Health is a not-for-profit group practice. Beyond excellence in medical treatment it provides to its patients in office practice and hospital settings, a critical tenant of University Clinical Health is service to the community. The organization ensures that the latest advances in thinking, teaching and treating are brought directly to its patients. Many new and advanced treatments being performed at Memphis hospitals are actually administered by a University Clinical Health physician.

“University Clinical Health rises from the organization once known as UT Medical Group, Inc.,” said Drew Botschner, chief executive officer of University Clinical Health. “The establishment of University Clinical Health is much more than a name change. It is the creation of an entirely new organization to support our clinical and hospital-based practices. We describe ourselves with four words: Treating, Teaching, Discovering and Caring. I describe us as an organization designed for medical excellence, from patient care to clerical and operational support provided by the headquarters office.”

Today, the practice areas within University Clinical Health are:

  • UT Dermatology                              
  • UT DermPath                       
  • UT Family Medicine
  • UT Hamilton Eye Institute             
  • UT Hematology                    
  • UT Hospital Medicine
  • UT Minimally Invasive Surgery    
  • UT Neonatology                   
  • UT Nephrology
  • UT Neurology                                  
  • UT Pathology                                   
  • University Plastic Surgeons
  • UT Psychiatry

“These 13 areas of practice are each unique in that they offer defined services across many facilities in the metro footprint — some of them are our dedicated clinics and some are in hospitals or other locations,” added Botschner. “Whatever our medical footprint is today, we are dedicated to aggressively expanding excellence in those areas, as well as adding services and disciplines to meet the medical needs of our community.”

University Clinical Health’s delivery of medical services is not easily defined or confined to a particular model.  For example, its neonatologists provide care to critically ill and premature infants at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center at Regional One Health. Its plastic surgeons perform lifesaving surgery to burn, accident, birth defect and cancer patients in hospital settings, as well as cosmetic plastic surgery in its University Plastic Surgeons offices. Its leaders in ophthalmology work in the Hamilton Eye Institute. Its nephrology practice works in hospitals and dialysis centers throughout the Memphis metro area. Meanwhile, its Family Medicine practice follows a more traditional office-based model.

“Evidence-based medicine, informed by research and characterized through innovation, is the foundation of the care provided by our organization,” stated Dr. David M. Stern, Chair of the Board of University Clinical Health, Robert Kaplan Executive Dean of the College of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, UTHSC. “University Clinical Health provides faculty the opportunity to practice medicine in an environment created by the physicians and focused on patients and their families. It is truly a physician-led and professionally managed organization.”

Since Drew Botschner’s arrival in 2014, the organization has undergone a repositioning that has led to a strong and secure financial foundation.

About University Clinical Health

University Clinical Health is a not-for-profit clinical practice organization with more than 100 renowned physicians offering services in 13 areas of practice. Its physicians serve on the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and work in hospitals, clinics and private practices throughout the Memphis metro area. For more information, visit