UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute Announces New Ophthalmology Clinical Practice Opening in East Memphis

Posted on August 1, 2020


UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI) at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center the largest, most extensive clinical eyecare facility in Memphis and the Mid-South is expanding and opening a new practice location in East Memphis (near Poplar Ave. and I-240) at 1068 Cresthaven Rd. Suite 400, Memphis, TN. HEI-East has the entire 4th floor and officially begin seeing patients on Monday, August 3, 2020.


Our new HEI East ophthalmology location is 10,000 sq. ft. with 20 patient care rooms, upgraded photography and testing equipment and the latest technology in ophthalmic equipment.  The new center provides an abundance of free parking and is easy within access from anywhere in Memphis.  Out of town patients’ hotels are conveniently located within 2 miles of the office.


Dr. Penny Asbell, Director UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute and Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology said “We are excited about opening this location after conducting a needs analysis on ophthalmology services and where to locate a clinical practice for patient convenience in Memphis and the Mid-South.  With the opening of our new location we have added staff members and new physicians with excellent credentials to serve the patients’ needs in Memphis and Mid-South. The new physicians include Joshua R. Ford, MD Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery and Orbital Surgery, Benjamin A. King, MD Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery and Ocular Oncology and Claire L. Kiernan, MD Glaucoma and Cataract to complement and expand our faculty and services. In addition, we offer specialized care in Dry Eye Disease, Macular Degeneration, Pterygia, Ophthalmic Pathology, Cornea Ulcers, Keratoconus, Low Vision Care; and Eyelid Blepharoplasty, Cornea Transplants, Laser/PRK Vision Correction, Complex Cataract, Nasolacrimal, Orbital, and Skull Base surgeries. One of the many reasons I joined UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute is to expand evidence-based information of efficacy and safety of new treatments and surgeries through clinical trials to ensure that HEI is on the forefront of eyecare and providing the best for each patient.”




With the addition of the new physicians, staff members and services at UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute we continue the legacy of Dr. Ralph Hamilton who aspired to have a comprehensive eye clinic with researchers, clinicians, students, nurses and technicians. In 1995, Dr. Hamilton collaborated with Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS to make this idea become a reality and begin giving patients the comprehensive eyecare they deserve.




Today, UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute is committed to “Improving Vision and Empowering Lives” throughout Memphis and Mid-South. The UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute clinic at 930 Madison Ave. Suite 200 remains open.






The Hamilton Eye Institute, part of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center provides comprehensive eye exams and specialized eyecare for the mid-south and as well as for patients from throughout the nation and world. To schedule an appointment with one of our new or existing physicians, call the UTHSC Hamilton Eye Institute at 901-448-6650.